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And then, almost 40 years elapsed between the start of his ministry and the time when Jeru Salem was actually destroyed.

But you can see that there's another possible three-and-a-half year period that led up to the fulfillment of that rejection, which started in 66-CE when the Roman armies first attacked Jeru Salem.

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The precise wording and meaning of 2 Thessalonians 1:9 is a bit difficult to determine, and we have chosen to deviate from the thoughts expressed in other Bibles for the following reason: In Greek the verse reads, 'oitenes diken tisousin holethron aionion apo prosopou tou kyriou kai apo tes doxes tes iskous autou,' or, 'which/ones justice will/pay ruin age-long from face of/the Lord and from the glory of/the strength of/him.' In the New American Standard Bible (for example), this verse is rendered as: 'These will pay the penalty of eternal destruction away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power.' And this, as you can see, is an obvious mistranslation; for not only does the word aionion not mean eternal, but being eternally destroyed is inconsistent with the thought of being sent away from the face of the Lord and from his glory and strength.

In other words, the sentence as it is rendered in that Bible just doesn't make any sense.

At 2 Chronicles , the Septuagint speaks of the land fulfilling its 'Sabbaths.' However, the Hebrew word that is used there is shavta, which really means, 'rest.' So the Masoretic (Hebrew) text of 2 Chronicles reads, 'to fulfill Jehovah's Word by Jeremi Ah until the ground pays off all its days of desolation, the ground will rest (heb.

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So it appears as though these 3-1/2 year periods made up part of a whole number.

And if so, where we can identify a 3-1/2 year beginning period in a prophecy, we might also find a later 3-1/2 year ending period.

They are trying to convince us that the land was actually desolated for 49/50 years and not for 70 years.

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Yet this contradicts the Bible, because Daniel 9:2 reads: 'I Dani El came to understand the number of the years from the words that Jehovah had given to the Prophet Jeremi Ah, for there He prophesied that Jeru Salem would lie desolate for seventy years.' Notice that the word 'desolate' here, is translated from the Hebrew word horvot (plural), which means, 'in ruins.' So, Jeru Salem was in a total state of ruin for seventy years.However, note the following: 3-1/2 days (or 'times') is exactly half of a week; so the prophetic period seems to indicate half of a period that is started but then completed later the second half of a week. It lasted for exactly three-and-a-half years; and thereafter, it appears as though there were three-and-a-half years between his death and the conversion of the first gentiles.

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